All main courses are served with a choice of chips, jacket, new, croquette or mashed potatoes, salad & seasonal vegetables unless otherwise stated


Bumper Bistro Mixed Grill £14.95
A feast of steak, lamb, pork, gammon & jumbo sausage served with a fried egg, tomato, mushrooms & onion rings
Reef & Beef £14.95
A delicious 8oz sirloin steak with breaded scampi served with lemon, tomatoes, mushrooms and onion rings
Sirloin & Gammon Combo £14.95
For those who can’t make up their minds! 5oz sirloin steak & 5oz gammon steak served with a fried egg, pineapple, tomatoes, mushrooms and onion rings
'Round The World' Mixed Grill  £14.95
Cajun rump steak, garlic pork, Balti lamb, Chinese kebab and Mexican chicken served with mushrooms, tomatoes and onion rings
10oz Sirloin Steak  £15.65
10oz Rib-Eye Steak  £15.65
A juicy rib-eye accompanied with a spicy Mexican dip served on a sizzling skillet. Served with grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and onion rings (cooked medium-medium rare)
10oz Gammon Steak  £11.50
Served with pineapple and a fried egg
Steak & BBQ Ribs  £15.95
8oz sirloin steak and a BBQ glazed half rack of ribs


Breaded Plaice £10.95
9oz of prime plaice fillet in a rich breaded coating, deep fried and served with lemon
Golden Scampi £10.95
Selected wholetail scampi coated in light breadcrumbs, deep fried and served with lemon
16oz Jumbo Cod £14.45
A massive 16oz of sheer succulent prime fillet of cod, coated in a light crispy batter, deep fried and served with lemon
Homemade Fish Pie  £11.95
Prime poached Scottish salmon, cod and prawns in a white wine sauce topped with fluffy mash and melted cheese


Choose from breast of chicken, tuna or prawn salad  £10.95
All served with freshly chopped tossed salad, pickled cabbage, beetroot and a hot roll with butter
Bistro Chicken Caesar Salad   £10.95
Freshly chopped, tossed salad laden with chicken, crispy bacon and croutons, drizzled with Caesar xdressing and topped with Parmesan shavings. Served witha bread roll & butter
Lasagne Verdi £10.95
Layers of green pasta with Italian tomatoes and minced beef topped with a creamy Bechamel sauce and cheese
Smoked Haddock Pasta £10.95
Strips of tagilatelle enhanced with fresh smoked haddock and prawns in a rich mushroom & white wine sauce, topped with browned melted cheese served with garlic bread


Vegetarian Fajitas  (V) £10.95
Our own fresh vegetables, wok sautéed, enriched with Mexican spices and served on a sizzling skillet. Served with tortillas, salsa and sour cream & chive dip
Cheese & Broccoli Bake   (V) £10.95
Sliced potato and broccoli served with a creamy white sauce topped with mature melted cheese
Vegetarian Lasagne  (V) £10.95
Generous layers of green lasagne and vegetables in a rich tomato sauce topped with melted cheese


Chicken Tikka Masala £11.25
The most popular chicken curry. Medium hot, authentically creamy and spicy served with rice and chips


Steak & Kidney Pie £10.95
Tender homemade steak & kidney served in a rich gravy and topped with a light puff pastry
Cottage Pie  £10.95
Our own homemade cottage pie topped with fluffy mash and melted cheese served with a gravy boat                                 
Beef Stroganoff  £10.95
Fillet tails sauteed in a rich creamy mushroom and brandy sauce, served with rice, garlic bread and chips


Roasted Half Chicken £10.95
14oz of roast chicken cooked until succulent & tender, served with a gravy boat
Cajun Chicken Melt £12.25
8oz Cajun chicken, gently grilled and topped with bacon, smoky barbeque sauce and melted cheese
Cajun Chicken £11.95
Juicy whole 8oz supreme of chicken marinated in our own Cajun spices and gently char-grilled
Sweet & Sour Chicken £11.95
Tender strips of chicken, deep fried in our homemade batter and served with rice, chips and Chef's sweet & sour sauce
Chicken Mexicano £11.95
A fiery breast of chicken cooked until juicy and tender smothered in a rich chilli con carne
Chicken Fajitas £12.95
Sauteed chicken strips with onions, mixed peppers and Mexican spices. Served on a sizzling skillet with tortillas, salsa and sour cream & chive dip


Lamb Shank £14.95
Our most popular homemade dish! A large Welsh lamb shank marinated in mint and oven baked with onions. Served with creamy mashed potato, seasonal vegetables and minted gravy


Garlic Bread topped with melted cheese £2.25
Garlic Bread, Naan Bread, Onion Rings, Mushrooms £2.00
Chips £2.00
Roll & Butter £1.00