Golf Academy

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At the 3 Hammers we understand that everyone's golf swing & body are different. We help to answer players most important questions.....

...Why do I hit bad shots?

...Why do I lack consistency?

...How can I hit the ball further?

...Why do I slice the ball?

Your swing efficiency, swing style & technique are as unique as your fingerprint. Using our 4 camera video system we can accurately evaluate your swing & fix any individual faults. It enables you to view yourself on screen at any stage during your golf swing. We can even compare your swing with that of top tour players!.

Individual lessons can be taken by players of all standards, in all areas of the game such as putting, short game & long game technique. Our 5 experienced PGA professionals can help you accelerate your learning as seeing is truly believing!

Individual Development Programmes

Our Development Programmes are designed to offer you a detailed action plan including a personalised proactive regime with expert health & fitness advice. The programmes maintain your new improved swing mechanics overseen by the expertise of one of our PGA coaches ensuring that no new faults are introduced.