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All main courses are served with a choice of chips, jacket, new, croquette or mashed potatoes, salad & seasonal vegetables unless otherwise stated


House Mixed Grill £14.95
A 'meat feast' of rump steak, lamb, pork loin, gammon & sausage served with a fried egg, tomato, mushrooms & onion rings
'Round The World' Mixed Grill  £14.95
This specially created 'Bistro favourite' is renowned for it's exciting flavours & tenderness. Cajun rump steak, garlic marinated pork loin, Balti lamb, Chinese kebab and Mexican chicken served with mushrooms, tomato and onion rings
8oz Rump Steak £11.95
Firm in texture and rich in flavour
8oz/12oz Sirloin Steak  £13.95/£16.95
These tender prime steaks are hand cut from the loin and give a fantastic balance between flavour and tenderness
14oz T Bone £19.95
Aged for a minimum of 28 days, this classic loin steak gives you both a slice of sirloin and fillet in one cut
12oz Rib-Eye  £16.95
Generously marbled, this steak is cut from the very centre of the rib roast, giving it an abundance of flavour with tenderness to match
8oz Fillet £19.95
Cut from the underside of the loin, fillet steak is renowned for it's tenderness and eating quality
Horseshoe Gammon Steak  £11.50
Hand cut from the prome horseshoe, served with pineapple, a fried egg, grilled tomato & mushrooms


Scottish Salmon Fillet £10.95
A delicious, succulent piece of salmon, grilled to perfection and served on a bed of herb crushed new potatoes and green beans, accompanied by a white wine and dill sauce  
Breaded Plaice £10.95
Prime plaice fillet in a rich breaded coating, deep fried and served with chips, peas, lemon wedge & tartare sauce
Wholetail Breaded Scampi £10.95
Breaded wholetail scampi served with chunky chips, mushy or garden peas and tartare sauce
Fish & Chips £11.25
A freshly battered, skin off cod fillet fried until golden brown and served with chunky chips, good old fashioned mushy peas or garden peas and tartare sauce
Seabass & King Prawns  £12.95
Sea bass fillet, topped with garlic king prawns, served with herb crushed new potatoes and green beans 


Caesar Salad   £10.95
The traditional recipe with croutons, Parmesan cheese and our special Caesar dressing. Available with a choice of grilled chicken breast, king prawns or Scottish salmon
Black & Blue Steak Salad £11.95
A house green salad topped with grilled steak slices and served with a delicious blue cheese dressing with crumbled Tuxford stilton
Salmon & King Prawn Tagliatelli Bake £10.95
Tagliatelle pasta with Scottish salmon and king prawns in a rich white wine sauce, topped with browned melted cheese served with garlic ciabatta bread
Sweet Potato, Chick Pea & Spinach Curry (V) £10.95
Sweet potato with spinach, chick peas and green pepper, flavoured with garlic, cumin, coriander and coconut. Served with rice & naan bread
Brie & Broccoli Pie (V) £10.95

Sliced mushrooms and broccoli florets finished in a creamy sauce with melted brie, fully encased in puff pastry

Battered Halloumi & Chips (V) £11.25
With chunky chips, tartare sauce and your choice of garden or mushy peas


Homemade Beef & Cask Ale Pie £10.95
Tender cuts of beef cooked in regional cask ale and served with a puff pastry lid, mashed potato and seasonal vegetables
Chef's Turkey, Leek & Ham Pie £10.95
Diced Staffordshire turkey, leeks and ham, all bound in a white wine sauce served with a puff pastry lid, mashed potato and fresh seasonal vegetables
Lamb Shank £14.95
A large Welsh lamb shank marinated in mint and oven baked. Served with creamy mashed potato, seasonal vegetables and mint jus
Rack of Ribs (full or half) £11.95/£8.95
Deloiciously succulent slow cooked pork ribs in a sweet & smoky barbecue sauce, served with chunky chips, corn on the cob & house slaw
Homemade Cottage Pie  £10.95
Our own homemade cottage pie topped with fluffy mash and melted cheese served with a gravy boat, herb crushed new potatoes and green beans                                 
'Chefs' Beef Lasagne £10.95
Layers of wheat pasta with Italian tomatoes and minced beef topped with a creamy Bechamel cheese sauce, served with garlic ciabatta bread
Homemade Beef Stroganoff  £10.95
Fillet of beef tails sauteed in a rich creamy mushroom and brandy sauce, served with rice, chips and seasonal vegetables
Pork & Leek Sausages £10.45
Served on a bed of mashed potato and garden peas, topped with a rich onion gravy and parsnip ribbons (vegetarian sausage also available)


Half Roast Chicken £10.95
Choose from hot & spicy Piri Piri, five pepper sauce or house gravy. Served with chunky chips and corn on the cob or seasonal vegetables
Hunters Chicken £12.45
Grilled chicken breast smothered in BBQ sauce and topped with bacon and melted Cheddar cheese. Served with chunky chips, house slaw and mixed leaves
Cajun Chicken Breast £11.95
Juicy whole 8oz supreme of chicken marinated in our own Cajun spices and gently char-grilled
Sweet & Sour Chicken £11.95

Chicken tenders deep fried in our homemade batter and served with rice, chips, prawn crackers and Chef's sweet & sour sauce

Chicken Tikka Masala £11.25
Medium hot, authentically creamy and spicy served with rice, chips and naan bread
Chicken Fajitas £12.95

Sauteed chicken strips with onions, mixed peppers and Mexican spices. Served on a sizzling skillet with tortillas, salsa, guacamole and sour cream & chive dip

Swap your chicken for steak strips or king prawns (£1.50 supplement). Also available as a vegetarian dish with sliced grilled halloumi


Mushroom & Stilton Topper £3.00
Garlic King Prawns £4.00
Breaded Wholetail Scampi £3.00
BBQ Ribs £5.00
Garlic Ciabatta £2.00
Cheesy Garlic Ciabatta £2.50
Onion Rings £2.00
Mushrooms £2.00
Chunky Chips £2.00
Sweet Potato Fries (£1 as a swap upgrade) £2.50
Peppercorn Sauce, Diane Sauce, Bernaise Sauce, Bordelaise Sauce, Tennessee Whiskey Glaze with Jack Daniels all £2.00


Handcrafted 6oz Beef Burgers  
Our Bistro beef burger patties are freshly prepared and hand pressed in our kitchen. Served with mixed leaves, fresh tomato, red onion and mayonnaise in a bun with chunky chips and house slaw
Bacon & Cheese £10.95
With melting Cheddar cheese and grilled back bacon
Pulled Pork £11.95
Pulled pork in our BBQ sauce with melting Cheddar cheese
Black & Blue Burger £11.95
Steak burger with crispy bacon, flat mushroom and melting Stilton blue cheese
Cajun Chicken Breast Burger £10.95
Whole cajun chicken breast on a bed of salad with a smoky tomato sauce
Spicy Bean Burger (V) £10.95
A delicious bean burger topped with halloumi, flat mushroom and a roasted tomato & basil sauce. Served with onion rings, chunky chips and house slaw