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All main courses are served with a choice of chips, jacket, new, croquette or mashed potatoes, salad & seasonal vegetables unless otherwise stated


Chef’s Homemade Soup of the Day £3.95

Served with crispy croutons and a fresh crusty roll & butter

Potato Skins £5.65

Two potato skins stuffed with melted mature Cheddar cheese and bacon, gently browned and served with a sour cream & chive dip

Breaded Mushrooms (V) £5.25

Crispy coated breaded mushrooms served with side a salad & garlic mayonnaise dip

Prawn Cocktail  £5.95
Tender freshwater prawns smothered in Chef's Marie-Rose sauce laid on iceberg lettuce served with lemon and brown bread & butter  
Bistro Caesar Salad  £5.25

Freshly chopped, tossed salad laden with crispy bacon, croutons and chicken pieces, drizzled with Caesar dressing and topped with Parmesan cheese

Melon (V)  £4.75
Served with a strawberry coulis  
Camembert & Brie (V) £5.95

A roundel of creamy Camembert with two triangles of Brie, deep fried and served on crispy lettuce with redcurrant jelly

Oriental Crab Cakes £5.95

A delicious combination of Cornish crab meat and cod coated with a crisp coriander crumb. Served on a bed of crispy lettuce and a sweet chilli dip



Roast Joint Of The Day


Choose from succulent Welsh lamb, prime tender beef or Staffordshire roast turkey. All served with traditional trimmings, seasonal vegetables and potatoes

Choice of 2 of the above roast meats £12.50
Smaller/children's portions  £7.50


10oz Sirloin Steak £14.95

Succulent and cooked to your liking, served with onion rings, tomatoes and mushrooms 

Bistro Bumper Mixed Grill £14.95
A feast of steak, lamb, pork, gammon & jumbo sausage served with a fried egg, tomato, mushrooms and onion rings  
10oz Gammon Steak £11.50

Truly a winner - tender to the extreme! A wholesome 10oz gammon steak served with a fried egg and pineapple

10oz Rib-Eye Steak £15.65
A juicy rib-eye accompanied with a spicy Mexican dip served on a sizzling skillet with grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and onion rings (cooked medium-medium rare)  
'Round The World' Mixed Grill £14.95
Cajun rump steak, garlic pork, Balti lamb, Chinese kebab and Mexican chicken served with mushrooms, tomatoes and onion rings  


Roasted Half Chicken £10.95

14oz of roast chicken cooked until succulent and tender served with a gravy boat

Cajun Chicken Melt £12.95
8oz Cajun chicken, gently grilled and topped with bacon, smoky barbeque sauce and melted cheese  
Sweet & Sour Chicken £11.95

Tender strips of chicken, deep fried in our homemade batter, served with rice, chips and Chef's sweet & sour sauce



Breaded Plaice £10.90
9oz of prime plaice fillet in a rich breaded coating, deep fried and served with lemon
Golden Scampi £11.90
Selected wholetail scampi coated in light breadcrumbs, deep fried and served with lemon
16oz Jumbo Cod £14.45
A massive 16oz of sheer succulent prime fillet of cod, coated in a light crispy batter, deep fried and served with lemon


Steak & Kidney Pie    £10.95
Tender homemade steak & kidney served in a rich gravy and topped with a light puff pastry                             
Cottage Pie  £10.95
Our own homemade cottage pie topped with fluffy mash and melted cheese served with a gravy boat                               


Lamb Shank £14.50
Our most popular homemade dish! A large Welsh lamb shank marinated in mint and oven baked with onions. Served with creamy mashed potato, seasonal vegetables and minted gravy


Chicken Tikka Masala  £11.25
The most popular chicken curry. Medium hot, authentically creamy and spicy served with rice and chips                                        


Bistro Chicken Caesar Salad   £9.25
Freshly chopped, tossed salad laden with chicken, crispy bacon and croutons, drizzled with Caesar xdressing and topped with Parmesan shavings. Served witha bread roll & butter
Lasagne Verdi £9.95
Layers of green pasta with Italian tomatoes and minced beef topped with a creamy Bechamel sauce and cheese
Smoked Haddock Pasta £10.95
Strips of tagliatelle enhanced with fresh smoked haddock and prawns in a rich mushroom & white wine sauce, topped with browned melted cheese, served with garlic bread


Cheese & Broccoli Bake   (V) £9.95
Sliced potato and broccoli served with a creamy white sauce topped with mature melted cheese
Vegetarian Lasagne  (V) £9.95
Generous layers of green lasagne and vegetables in a rich tomato sauce topped with melted cheese                                


Bistro Mixed Ice-cream £3.95
A trio of luxurious vanilla, chocolate, strawberry ice-creams topped with whipped cream and a wafer, finished off with a sauce of your choice: chocolate, strawberry, lemon, fudge or maple  
Choc Mint Sundae £4.75
Luxurious chocolate, mint & rich vanilla icecreams laced with chocolate sauce and finished off with shipped cream and a wafer  
Banana Split £5.10
Slices of fresh banana combined with scoops of vanilla and strawberry icecream, topped off with of swirls of cream, chocolate sauce and a wafer  
Chef's Apple & Blackberry Crumble  £5.10
A delicious blend of fruit topped with a generous deep butter crumble. Served with a choice of custard, cream or icecream  
Chef's Homemade Bread & Butter Pudding  £5.10
Deliciously light and fluffy with raisins & mixed fruit. Served with a choice of custard, cream or icecream  
Treacle Sponge  £5.10
Light sponge enhanced with luscious treacle served piping hot with a choice of custard, cream or icecream  
Hanky Panky Chocolate Pie £5.25
A chocolate biscuit base layered with lashings of white and milk chocolate mousse and finished with white chocolate pieces  
Light Lem-m-ony £5.25
A very light lemony sherbet on a crunchy biscuit base topped with mousse and lemon curd drizzled with lemon sauce  
Banoffee Cream Pie £5.25
Banana mousse rippled with chocolate sauce sitting on a lyer of toffee mousse and topped with a rich chocolate mousse  
Valencia Cherry Amoretti  £5.85
A vanilla satin sponge layered with black cherry and almond parfait, decorated with black cherry shavings  
Gooey Belgian Pudding £5.85
A light, luscious chocolate sponge pudding oozing with a soft Belgian chocolate centre   
Cheesecake Passionata £5.85
A biscuit base topped with a tropical infused cheesecake, finished with passion fruit sauce and chocolate  
A Selection of Cheese & Biscuits £5.50